Our Planet

The one thing that we as humans all have in common is the planet in which we all live and breathe and share as our home. I find it to be the most incredible place that is filled with so much beauty and magic, however I also can’t help but feel that as time has gone on and we have become a society that is always rushing we have lost our connection to our home in the process and it is no longer loved and respected in the way in which it should be. I truly believe that if everyone in the world no matter their status were to just stop for five minutes of their day, be still, and take in the beauty of the world with our egos pushed to the side we would begin to shift this planet to a place of harmony instead of imbalance.

As time has gone I have come to learn and believe that by accepting that there is going to be things we may not be able to change in and instant there are also plenty things that we can do as a community to better the planet one step at time and leave a positive footprint for generations to come. I am forever coming up with ways of how I can achieve this and what I can do as an individual to better the world starting with sharing this journey with all of you in hopes of encouraging and inspiring you on your journey to making the world a better place.