Something that is very apparent in my life is that I am the sort of person who’s interests and desires never stop growing. I once found this overwhelming because I was coming from a mindset of limitation and couldn’t imagine how I was going to achieve everything I want in life with the time I have, however soon enough I switched this to a mindset of having endless possibilities and I am now in a place where I am constantly excited about all the amazing experiences I am having and going to have throughout my life.

If is very important for me to have a lifestyle that incorporates all of these things because I find that by doing so my life is filled with so much more joy and happiness because I am doing the things I love day in and day out. Whether this be eating a plant based diet, painting, blogging, reading, sitting innate, travelling, journalling, the list goes on.

“Life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it.” – Jack Dawson

If we think back to when we were children something we would always be doing and have in common was playing and doing whatever we felt like doing in that moment in time. There is a reason children bring so much joy and life to those around them. It is because they are being their authentic selves and simply enjoying life for what it is which is what I believe is one of life’s purposes. To simply enjoy the process of living and what the world has to offer us which is why I have incorporate this section into my blog,  because although I have a many messages I want to share with world I also want to share the message of simply enjoying the world for what it is and what life wants to offer us.