First and foremost I would like to begin with a huge welcome to my blog followed by an even larger thank you for taking the time to visit.

My blog is a travel blog run by yours truly Amy Ghioni. I am a young Australian girl with an overwhelming desire for adventure and experiencing as much as I can in life. I have a passion for travel, photography, and film making, as well as a few extra quirks in the form of art, conscious living, wildlife, and food and drink.

My love of travel began in 2012 when I ventured over the Indian Ocean from the red sands of Australia to the wild savannahs of Africa. Almost instantly I fell in love with the excitement and freedom I felt exploring another part of the world. Following this experience it has been almost impossible for me to satisfy my hunger for more. This very hunger is what has pushed me to begin my blog as a way for me to document my adventures and share those adventures with the world. I strive to travel part time and share with my readers the various and wonderful destinations around the world, as well as my travel tips and tricks I have learnt along the way.

Not only do I share my experiences via my blog, but I also create weekly-fortnightly videos showcasing the journeys of my day to day life, as well as all of my travels over on my Youtube Channel

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