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My Health Journey and How To Intuitively Consume Food

How To Intuitively Consume Foods?

I wanted to write this post, because I have been feeling inspired for quite some time now to share with my readers about intuitive eating, some of my personal story on the foods I choose to consume and I guess you could say, my health journey and what has lead me to this place in my life (as far as intuitive eating is concerned). Before I go on, I do need to draw some attention to the point that, I do truly believe that their is a lot more that plays a role in our health, than just the foods that we choose to eat.

Now if you are unfamiliar with what intuitive eating is; a simply way to explain this, is that when you go to consume foods, what you are doing is listening to your body to see how it responds to the food choice that you have made, before you go ahead with actually eating it. For example; lets say you are about to have something to eat and your body simply does not agree with this choice. How you will know if your body is receiving this food choice well or not, is that you will feel it within yourself purely off of feeling. Is your body open or closed? Lets say you are in the grocery store, and you reach out to select an item. Take a moment to feel and ask yourself “Is my body open or closed to this?”. Lets say it is a bread roll you have reached for and your body feels open, its light, and there are no indications of negative emotion or feeling. This is a good sign that your body is open and welcoming the food choice at this particular time. However if your body is closed and tense towards the food choice, or you could even say withdrawn from it, then this is a pretty clear indicator that your body is not responding well to the idea of this food entering it. We need not forget that there is a a huge connection between the mind and the body; however this is a whole other subject for a completely seperate post. With that being said, it is important to point out that the mind and the body do go hand in hand. When your body is feeling tense towards something, then that is your highest awareness informing you that the decision you are about to make does not align with your current state of being.

Lets bring this back to where it all began for me as far as consciously making an effort to improve my health through diet. Up until I was about the age of 24 years old I wasn’t really consuming foods in a conscious manner. I was eating whatever I wanted to eat  regardless of how my body was feeling about it. I ate junk food, I ate processed food, I ate fruit, meat, vegetables, the list goes goes on. You can see that the point I am making here,  is that I ate pretty much everything. I was not being mindful about my diet or taking into account the overall impact that this may be having on my health. From time to time I may have gone through phases of eating what I believed to be healthy, but it would most often last no more than two months. This was due to my approaches not being well thought out or simply because I was lacking knowledge and information on how to be healthy. What happened from here, was that I reached a stage in my life, where I was experiencing extreme illness. I had brain fog, I felt weak, lacked energy, and not to mention I was experiencing extreme skin conditions and rashes as a result of leaky gut syndrome. I came to the conclusion that I had, had enough and I wanted to feel healthy again and really take my health back.

From here; I was on a hunt to find a way of eating that was going to allow me to feel my ultimate best. I began researching other peoples stories and journeys to health. I watched YouTube videos and read a large sum of blog posts. This is how I came across Fully Raw Kristina and how she was able to heal her body by only eating raw fruits and vegetables. This is where I stopped my searching. Looking back now I should have kept going and gathered all of my options before making a decision on which way of eating I was going to adhere to. When Fully Raw Kristina, I was inspired by how much she healed her body by consuming raw fruits and vegetables only, so I automatically assumed “This is the diet for me!.” Don’t get me wrong, this did help cleanse and heal my body initially. I started out on this way of eating and I did this very well as far as the raw foods diet is concerned. I ensured that I was filling my body with an abundance of and a variety of different fruits and vegetables, to ensure that my body was getting the adequate nutrients that it required. I completely eliminated all processed foods, carbohydrates, and meat. Once I made this decision, overnight I was eating fully raw. I did this for approximately eight to ten months, and do not get me wrong. Initially I felt amazing. My body was able to cleanse and eliminate toxins very well and I cannot deny that at the beginning of this diet, I felt great and I thought I had found the key to my optimal health! However as time went on I started to feel weak and as though this way of eating was not agreeing with me. My hair wasn’t as thick as it use to be, my skin wasn’t as healthy as it once was and overall I just didn’t feel my best. So I decided to simply just cease the diet. I began eating whatever I wanted again; however I did maintain an element of healthy eating, before transition to mostly ‘plant based’ a few years later.

Before I knew it my leaky gut and candida overgrowth had returned in full force, probably the worst that I had ever experienced it. My skin in particular was extremely unhealthy due to the rashes and skin conditions I was suffering from. I just knew that the plant based lifestyle just wasn’t working for me and I think I just didn’t want to believe this for a very long time, because it is something that I once felt extreme healing from in the beginning. Looking back I can identify that the way I was feeling was due to the cleansing that had taken place within my body, so I think this made me a little bit ignorant to the fact that the diet just was not working for me longer term. I came to a place where I needed to accept that this just was simply not working for me. Now I am at a place where I am feeling open to foods I would have never thought I would have been open to and I am beginning to reap the benefits of this. All because I am listening to my natural instincts, which we as people all have access to; however due to society and the way humanity has changed, we have cut off those instincts.

What I am finding is that my skin is healing itself again and I am feeling strong from this diet. I am feeling in tune with myself and my body with this way of eating, as apposed to when I was strictly only consuming plant foods. I am truly believing that this is could work for me longer term. What it is teaching me is that it is so important to listen to your inner self  and your highest calling, when it comes to making decisions on the foods you are going to eat. I could have kept ignoring my bodies desire for meat products and various other foods. However if I kept doing that then my body would not be on the journey of healing that it is currently going through. I feel different, but in a good way by eating like this. I am feeling satiated, satisfied and that all parts of my body are benefiting in their highest potential. Whereas with the plant-based lifestyle, it wasn’t that I wasn’t consuming enough foods, because I was consuming an abundance of food. I just always felt not completely in alignment or completely satiated. We truly need to eat intuitively and we need to listen to our bodies. If your body is really open to and calling for something, then you need to respect it and give it what it needs.

Now I am not saying that every time we have a craving for a chocolate bar, then we should follow that calling, because that is not real food. Real food is what comes from the earth naturally. However, identifying that if you are eating natural foods that leave you feeling weak or just not feeling good in general then something must not be right. You need play with this for a while and figure out the balance of what is working for you by listening to those inner calls and not just finding one thing and running with it. Where I think I set myself back, was that I found the raw foods lifestyle and stopped there. I didn’t continue to search for more. Life will provide you options if you are looking for them so its important to not just stop at one. Weigh up your options and find what truly works best for you long term. I am still in the early stages of this way of eating, however I am feeling different to how I have ever felt before (in a good way), so I feel as though I am most definitely on a path that is leading me somewhere great. All by simply listening to my body.

  • I intend on sharing more about the foods I am now choosing to consume; however I want to continue on this journey a little longer before making posts about it. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what has worked for you! Xx



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