Why I am transitioning to a raw foods lifestyle… Let me first start with saying I LOVE food, however I love feeling healthy more than I enjoy eating something that I know isn’t good for my body and overall health.

Approximately two years ago I made the switch to a fully raw lifestyle and I had never felt more healthy in my entire life. My mental and physical health were in their prime, and I healed myself of severe Candida overgrowth and eczema which I had suffered from since childhood.

Unfortunately my approach to this lifestyle at the time was so strict that I was allowing it to zap me of my love for food. I wouldn’t budge outside of raw foods and I felt restricted due to my approach to the lifestyle. I was not pre planning my meals or getting creative with the foods that I was making, and after years of eating typical day to day foods that let’s face it, are in majority of households these days, and I’m not going to lie and say they don’t taste amazing! I was missing eating a variety of delicious foods.

Truth is, I felt like I was no longer truly enjoying the foods I was eating. Even though they were so good for my health. After about six months, I caved and went back to eating how I had been eating previously. Still healthy to a degree, however a lot more processed foods than I would recommend. Raw food meals can be delicious, however you do need to branch out and get creative or you will be putting yourself into a position where you perceive the lifestyle as boring.

The last twelve months have been a challenge as far as my health goes. My candida overgrowth returned, and I have been experiencing excessive fatigue and brain fog. Although physically I am strong and look healthy to the external world. How I have been feeling internally, is a sign that I am far from my optimal health. I have felt what my optimal health feels like and I know my body well enough to know that it is calling me to return to consuming the foods it is designed to consume and that nature naturally provides us with.

This time I am going to go about the lifestyle in the best way possible. I intend on getting creative with my meals and ensuring that I am prepared in the best way possible to avoid any temptation of completely caving.

As a disclaimer I need to stress that I am not turning to a vegan diet in any way shape or form, and there will be times where I stray on occasions for a cooked plant based meal, or maybe even some salmon or tuna, however I primarily I will be consuming raw foods. I intent on consuming only raw foods for the first three to four weeks to give my body more than enough time to detox and heal to balance my overall health.

I will be documenting my journey of healing via my blog and YouTube channel. The highs, the lows, and everything in between, in hope of helping others adapting to this lifestyle.

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