How To Live a Happy Life

How to live a happy life…

Happiness. The one thing that every person on earth desires.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, successful or unsuccessful, abundant or un-abundant. You see where I am going with this. Deep within every single person, I personally believe is a burning desire for happiness. It is a key component to a fulfilled life, and without it, life can seem pretty dull, or you are left feeling significantly out of alignment with who you truly are.

The same as many other people in this world, I have very much so, experienced times in life where I truly felt unhappy. Mostly in my early twenties, and on one occasion in particular, I felt completely stuck. The truth is, I hated feeling this way. So much so that I reached the point where I had to stop and ask myself “Why on earth am I allowing myself to feel this way?” This is the most important question I believe we can ask ourselves in these times. “Why am I allowing myself to feel this way?.” Because the truth is, whether we are ready to hear this or not. Our unhappiness is not caused by something outside of us, and we cannot blame another person or situation for the way that we are feeling.

Our unhappiness is purely caused by how we are feeling on the inside and the thoughts we think, and it is up to us as the individual to change how we allow ourselves to feel and think. Once I asked myself this question, nothing was going to stop me from feeling good. I started reading an abundance of books, filling my mind with good thoughts, and by doing this I was lead to the law of attraction. Understanding this law completely changed my reality. It pushed me to fully take control of my own happiness, however in amongst using the law of attraction daily, or more so just being aware of how my thoughts, feelings, and words, shape my reality. I also incorporated these day to day rituals into my day to day life, that I believe everyone can easily incorporate into their own lives.

1. Meditate daily

Incorporate daily meditation into your life, even if only for 10 minutes.

When we meditate, we quiet our minds for a moment, and give ourselves the much needed rest that we need from our daily thoughts. We each think consciously and subconsciously every second of everyday. Thats a lot of work for our minds! Especially if our primary thoughts are negative feeling thoughts. Our minds don’t want to be thinking this way, and we only exhaust them by doing so.

Take a few minutes during your meditation to focus on good feeling thoughts. By doing so, you will be breaking the habit of your current way of thinking. Even thought this may feel uncomfortable to begin with, you will find that soon enough your mind will embrace this new way of thinking, and your mood will begin to shift from negative to positive.

TIP: Do your meditation first thing in the morning, before there is any opportunity for any negative thoughts, or external influences to grasp you. You will be setting yourself up for a great day by doing this.

2. Affirm your happiness 

Affirm to yourself daily that you are a happy and joyful person.

There is so much power in our words, more than we could ever imagine. This is why it is significantly important to speak nothing but positivity over ourselves. If we are forever telling ourselves that we are unhappy, then we will continue to live a life of unhappiness. But if we tell ourselves that we are happy, then we shift to a life of happiness. The story we tell ourselves is the reality that we live so it is time to tell a new story.

3. Live in the present moment 

Make a conscious decision to live in the present moment as much as you can.

The past is the past, and we cannot change it,  no matter how hard we try. What we can do though, is accept it, learn from it, and move forward. Holding onto the past is like tying and anchor to your foot. It stops you from moving on with your life, and enjoying the life you currently have.

The future is ahead of us, and if you make good choices and set good intentions, your future will be one filled with abundance. The key here though, is to not live so much in the future, that it takes you away from the life you are currently living. The fun of life is in the journey, and if you are too fixated on the future, the joy of your life will sneak right past you.

4. Do something for you each week

Take the time each week to do something for yourself that is purely for joy.

More often than not, we take life way too seriously, and forget to have fun with it. Whether it be taking up a new sport, going to the movies with a friend, getting a massage, or simply going for a nice walk. Get back in touch with that part of you that is like what you were when you were a child, and the most important thing in your life was having fun and doing what you love to do.

5. Be kind to yourself 

Simply be kind to yourself and forgive others.

Kindness to ones self, is an extremely powerful tool for having a happy life. So don’t be so hard on yourself!

6. Forgive

Forgive others, even when you feel as though they don’t deserve it.

Forgiving someone does not mean that you have to have them in your life. It simply means that you are not allowing them to have power over you, and by forgiving those who have wronged you, you set yourself free from the anger and resentment you feel from within.

*Remember we are all human and we aren’t always going to feel one hundred percent all of the the time, but by incorporating these few daily rituals into your life you can tip the scale of happiness and unhappiness for a more positive, enjoyable life. 


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