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5 Websites Where You Can Access Royalty Free Images For Your Blog

Starting a new blog is a time that is full of excitement and hard work as you take those steps towards a new journey in life, but like any new journey or project there are certain skills required in order for them to come into fruition.
Blogging in particular requires multiple skills if you would like your blog to thrive and look its best. One of the most valuable skills I highly recommend if you are creating a blog is that you fine tune your photography skills, as having beautiful photographs throughout your blog can really draw in an audience, however like most new skills it can take some time to development them to a place where we feel confident and happy with our progress but we should also not allow this time to prevent us from proceeding with our blog which is why I have pulled together this list of five of my favourite sites where you can access royalty free photographs for your blog posts completely free.

Some may think that using a photo on their blog that they have found on google is ok, however this is far from the truth so I highly recommend that if you do need to use a photo from an external source you access them from one of the following sites to prevent any issues with copyright.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is by far my favourite site for accessing royalty free photographs and with over 500,000 high resolution photos for you to choose from you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

My favourite thing about this site is you can use these photos in anyway you like and you are not expected to ask permission or give credit to the photographer making it completely hassle free. Not to mention that the flow and ease of the website is fantastic.

2 . Negative Space

Every so often I find myself dropping into Negative Space and browsing the thousands of photographs they have on offer. The website is easy to use and with sixteen categories to browse you are sure to stumble across some beautiful finds.

Negative Space does not require you to ask permission or give credit to the photographers to use their photographs.

3. Pixabay

When I first started my blog and began searching for sites that would allow me to use  photographs royalty free, the first one that caught my attention was Pixabay and it quickly won a special place in my heart, coming in close with Unsplash. I find myself browsing Pixabay regularly and am never disappointment with the quality of their photos.

Pixabay has a huge range of over 1.5 million photos and asking permission and giving credit is not required.

4. Gratisography

If you’re looking for photos with a little extra something then Gratisography is the site for you. The photographs on this site are fun and quirky and deliver photos that have a bit more authenticity.

You can use these photos without asking permission and giving credit to the photographer.

5. Magdeleine

If you are looking for beautiful photos that have some charm you will love Magdeleine. The photos on this site never cease to amaze me and the quality is perfection. Categories range from nature, food, people, and more, so you can browse with the confidence of finding what you’re searching for.

One condition with Magdeleine is that they offer public domain and attribution photos so be sure to shoot a link back to the photographers page if you use one off the photos off the attribution page.


Tips: Although having sites like the ones above makes creating a blog all the more easy, it is important to not get into the habit of only using royalty free photos on your posts. Your audience will want to get to know the person behind them so including your own photography is important and allows your followers to get to know you and your own unique style.

One more tip I have when using royalty free photographs is I typically only use nature and landscape type photos if I really need to and steer clear of photos that include people as your blog is about you. You should be sharing yourself with your followers and not others.


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