5 Adventure Sports You Need To Try

As a child I always found myself exploring and adventuring in one way or another. Whether it be exploring my own backyard or trying a new sport, you could pretty much guarantee I had tried it or was just waiting for the day I could give it a go, however as I grew older and began to become distracted by other endeavours they took me away from this way of living and soon enough a lot of time had passed and I was in my twenties and hadn’t done any form of adventure sport or activities in years. It was at this time that I decided I wanted to get back to being my authentic self and begin incorporating adventure back into my life, not just in the form of travel etc but adventure sports as well. Lucky for me approximately one week after making this decision the opportunity to go skydiving with a group of friends at my home town arose. This is what kick started my love of adventure sports and I highly recommend you try some for yourself as there is nothing I find more fun and freeing.

Since skydiving that first time I have been lucky enough to try many different forms of adventure sports however for the purpose of this blog post I have narrowed them down to my top five favourites in hopes of inspiring you to try one for yourself. Please leave me a comment below telling me what your favourite way of adventuring is as I am always looking for new fun ideas!











4. Motorbike Riding 


5. Go Karting






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