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A Day in My Life: Trip to The Blue Mountains, Australia

I have been feeling a bit restless lately with the urge to travel however I am currently not in the position to travel overseas so rather than pushing that desire to the side I decided to explore my own backyard. This meant a day trip was in order.

I contacted my friend Ash who just so happened to have the day off so the two of us hit the road the following day and ventured on the 5.5hr drive from home to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.

Now some may say that a 5.5hr drive for a day trip sounds a bit excessive however the way I see it is we only have this one life so driving that distance to see something I have always wanted to see is a day not wasted in my books. Who knows how many weeks or even months could have passed before I visited the mountains if I felt I needed to save up the money to book accommodation to stay longer? Now don’t get me wrong. The drive itself was tiring however when we reached our destination and looked out over the mountains from echo point we were left speechless.

Three Sisters

The saying “A photo does not do it justice” could not be more accurate in this circumstance.Β The way that the clouds roll in with their shadows gliding across the mountains and the three sisters sitting off to the left truly is one of the most beautifulΒ sights I have ever seen.

After soaking up this natural beauty for a while we then went for a wander around Mount Katoomba where we stopped off for lunch and to have a look around the many little stores Mount Katoomba has to offer before hitting the road to go back home. Later that night I couldn’t help reflect on what a wonderful day I had, had and ask myself “Why don’t we explore our own backyard more often?”

Me Three Sisters


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