Meet Amy  Hi there! My name is Amy and I am an Australian travel, spirituality and lifestyle enthusiast. My love of travel began in 2012 at the age of twenty when I boarded my first international flight solo and ventured over the Indian Ocean from the red sands of Australia to the wild savannahs of [...]

My Health Journey and How To Intuitively Consume Food

How To Intuitively Consume Foods? I wanted to write this post, because I have been feeling inspired for quite some time now to share with my readers about intuitive eating, some of my personal story on the foods I choose to consume and I guess you could say, my health journey and what has lead [...]


Plant Based Mint Chocolate Brownies

Yeah, so we are making brownies! Two things I love in life are mint and brownies. Recently I decided to bring my two loves together to bring to you this delicious and healthy plant based mint chocolate brownie recipe!! Ingredients 90g dairy free mint flavoured chocolate (I like Pana Organic chocolate) 45g plain dairy free chocolate [...]

Bee Pollen Tea

If you have read my post on the Amazing Health Benefits of Bee Pollen, then you would know all about the incredible benefits of consuming this wonderful natural superfood. When I first stumbled across this gem, I was on a mission to come up with a healthy bee pollen tea recipe, with ingredients that would [...]

Appreciate The Journey of Life

To say that the last couple of months has been a whirlwind of changes, in just about every area of my life. Spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally, is nothing short of an understatement. If there is one thing all of these changes has taught me though, it is that it is so important to appreciate [...]

How To Live a Happy Life

How to live a happy life... Happiness. The one thing that every person on earth desires.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, successful or unsuccessful, abundant or un-abundant. You see where I am going with this. Deep within every single person, I personally believe is a burning desire for happiness. It is a key component to a [...]