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26 Years of Living and What I Know So Far

As another year passes by and I can no longer refer to myself as a 26 year old, I find myself reflecting on the years I have lived and what this wonderful/crazy life has taught me so far. Self reflection is something I find to be a key factor in personal growth and I typically like to do this every 6-12 months (usually at the end and middle of the year), however I also find value in this when I am at the peak of crossing from one age to another. This time of reflection always leaves me with a feeling of appreciation for the lessons I have learnt from life and the growth I have experienced from learning them, which is why I have decided to break these lessons down to the ten that I have found the most freeing when I put them into use and accepted them within my life. I can only hope that by putting these into practice or adapting the idea of some of these lessons within your own life that you will gain the same sense of freedom and joy that I have come to experience.